Catalonia Today

Offer of dialogue vetoed

Torra proposes a meeting with Felip VI in Tarragona to open dialogue; Sánchez, despite affirming willingness in Spain’s parliament, vetoes meeting


EU tariffs on US goods begin tomorrow

The European Union (EU) will begin to apply additional tariffs of €2,8 billion to a list of over 200 products from the United States from tomorrow. This will include goods such as orange juice, tobacco,...


May survives key Brexit vote by a whisker

British Prime Minister Theresa May today survived a ebellion within her own Conservative party ranks to win a key Brexit vote in Parliament over Parliament’s role in the event of a no-deal Brexit agreement....


Santi Vila no longer member of PDeCAT

Former Catalan minister Santi Vila is no longer a member of PDeCAT. Vila’s doubts regarding the independence process saw him resign from the government on the eve of the unilateral Declaration of Independence...


Canada legalises recreational use of marijuana

Canada’s upper house of parliament on Tuesday approved a revised bill to legalise the recreational marijuana, setting the stage for the country to become the first Group of Seven nation to legalise cannabis...


€2 million for selective organic waste collection

The Catalan waste management agency has opened a tender for grants totalling €2 million aimed at promoting the selective collection of the organic waste. Most of the subsidies, €1.5 million, will go...

Juncker convokes express mini-summit

The ultimatum of Angela Merkel’s Bavarian coalition partners to close an agreement on refugees has accelerated Europe’s diplomatic machine to save her government and reduce the tension of recent weeks...

Salvini wants census to find illegal Gypsies

Shortly before Italy’s new prime minister Giuseppe Conte met with Angela Merkel with the issue of European migratory policies on the table, the far-right minister of the interior Matteo Salvini announce...

Urdangarin behind bars

The bother-in-law of the Spanish King begins to serve his almost six-year sentence for fraud in the VIP male wing of a women’s prison near Àvila